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MS Exercise & Wellness

A program designed specifically for your wellbeing.


This is a one-of-a-kind community exercise program designed to enhance the lives of those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through exercise and socialization. Research shows that individuals with MS who exercise regularly demonstrate physical, emotional, and cognitive improvements, and maximize their well-being and quality of life.  Our resources and facility are unparalleled.

This program focuses on improving function and relieving common MS symptoms with a main concentration on reducing fatigue:

  • Ensures the safety of participants by utilizing discontinuous exercise balancing activity and rest

  • Promotes socialization and camaraderie, leading to improvements in mental health including anxiety, depression, and mood

  • Offers a cost-effective, fun way for people with MS to maintain control of their health

  • Serves as a viable adjunct to individualized rehabilitative care

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  • Breathing techniques to combat stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Improves balance and flexibility

  • Awareness and engagement of core muscles benefit posture

  • Active and passive stretching leads to better joint mobility and flexibility

  • Low impact strengthening exercises keeps joints safe


Group physical therapy-based, intended to be a maintenance program, full-body exercise class led by physical therapists that incorporate evidence-based exercise principles to address specific PD symptoms/impairments including: 

  • Movement amplitude

  • Stiffness/rigidity

  • Posture

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Strength

  • Cognition

  • Gait, transfers, mobility 

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